Membrane Treatment Systems

ACE Core Engineering Pte Ltd Ultrafiltration (UF) membrane treatment systems are designed to produce clean, purified water from various sources of water, including rivers, lakes, industrial ponds, secondary effluent, well water and seawater. UF filtrate is used for drinking water, utility water, reclaimed water, food and beverage production, pretreatment source water for RO desalination and other patented treatment systems.


  Key Features 

 • UF filtrate quality to 0.02 microns for bacteria, viruses,  and turbidity treatment.

 • Ultra-low operating pressure and high efficiency

 • Reliable and durable UF membranes - high membrane  integrity

 • Packaged and skid mounted design, corrosion resistant  powder coated skids

 • Automated cleaning and flushing system - Optional

 • PLC automation for reliable performance.








UF membrane systems work by pumping waste-water across a semi-permeable membrane and driving the cleaned water (permeate) out of the membrane. The process is continuous, and because of the cross-flow pattern and the large 1/2 inch internal diameter tubular filter, the membrane does not cake or plug. No material are trapped within the membrane; instead they are concentrated, and on a periodic basis pumped from the process tank for disposal.








Metalworking Coolants

Removal of the water in emulsions achieving waste minimization.

Aqueous Parts Washer Solutions

Resource recovery of the washer solution for bath extension

Vibratory, Burnishing and Deburring Wastes

Removal of the suspended solids in the rinse stream for resource recovery of the rinse water

Mop Water

Removal of the water from oily wash water for waste minimization

Food Processing Wastes

Removal of suspended solids, FOG and reduction of BOD and COD for waste minimization

Air compressor Blow-down

Removal of condensate water from compressor blow-down for disposal

Printing Press Wash-water

Removal of the rinse waters from the printing inks for waste minimization

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