Security Systems Engineering

ACE Core Engineering has a unique and highly-technical approach to security systems design which encompasses the latest in technological advancements with sound “systems engineering” practices. Our design and integration strategies include a fusion of security technologies – high resolution cameras, intelligent video applications, ground-based radar, access control, biometric identification and RFID tracking – to provide “total situational awareness”. Through the implementation of enterprise-level, next-generation physical security information management applications, we enable security teams to detect, analyze and respond to incidents in real-time.   
Our security systems engineering experience includes:  
Video Surveillance Systems: Extensive experience in IP-based video surveillance system design, including a comprehensive understanding of video management software applications, network digital video recorders, storage arrays, virtual video switching, matrix devices, TCP/IP video encoders, video analytics, and ancillary equipment. We have specified and designed large-scale video surveillance systems based on open architecture and scalability. Cameras systems include PTZ day/night cameras, thermal cameras, H.264/MPEG4 mega pixel cameras, embedded video analytic cameras and thermal video analytic cameras.
Access Control Systems: The firm routinely designs access control systems that monitor and restrict access and report on the activity and violations of restricted access for various facilities. We have integrated these platforms with secured points of entry equipped with motorized gates and electrified pedestrian turnstiles, all individually controlled and programmed to remain closed until a valid credential and/or biometric is presented. 
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