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Uninterruptible Power Supply Systems support a wide range of applications and their operation is often critical for companies. Based on our expertise and knowhow in energy power systems, we provide added value services in order to ensure their correct operation. In this context, we have prepared a checklist which includes all key actions in a preventive maintenance scheme for UPS.

More specifically, this chechlist includes:

  • Visual inspection of the Uninterruptible Power Supply System and its batteries
    • Visual inspection of the UPS
    • Check of batteries for cracking, distortion, bad connectors or leakages
  • Visual inspection of grounding
  • Inspection of cooling fans’ operation
  • Electrical measurements
    • Check and measure of voltage (input/output) L1 (L2, L3) N.
    • Check and measure of current (input/output) L1 (L2, L3) N.
    • Check of output frequency
  • Inspection of loads normal distribution per phase
  • Inspection and monitoring of system’s alarms and LEDs
  • Calibration and inspection of thresholds points
  • Functional assessments (By-pass mode) and inspection of switches’ correct functioning
    • Functional testing of UPS to By-pass and maintenance by pass switch
    • Check all switches correct functioning
  • Alarm history recording
  • Software update (if a new version is released)
  • Assessment of the UPS correct temperature & ventilation
  • Inspection and tightening of batteries’ interconnections, of DC circuit and of AC input – output cables
    • Check and tightening of AC cables input – output
    • Check and tightening of batteries interconnections & DC circuit using appropriate tool
  • Inspection of electronic circuits and control cards
  • Gradual closure of the UPS system (optical inspection, cleaning, testing)
    • The optical inspection includes the inspection of displays and other alarms
    • The cleaning will be done after opening the covers, using air suction device (vacuum cleaner)
  • Batteries’ maintenance (cleaning & electrolyte remnant removal)
  • Density measurement & watering (For Ni-Cd batteries)
    • Deactivate NiCd batteries and fill with distilled water to the levels specified by the manufacturer and finally recharge
    • Measuring the density of batteries electrolyte
  • Check batteries’ proper functioning through controlled discharging
    • Discharge batteries up to cut off voltage 1,90V/cell (VRLA) or 1,10V/cell (NiCd), using the loads of the system and/or AC dummy load, recording the values over time of discharge, so that we can evaluate the condition of the batteries
    • Recording the voltage of each cell before and during the discharging process

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